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My name is Stephen (Pronounced Steven), otherwise known as ‘hashguide’. The name ‘hashguide’ stemmed from a website I had begun in 2017, which is no longer active. Basically, ‘hash’ came from the dictionary of Blockchain terms. Data within Blockchain is hashed before block creation using hashing algorithms & I helped guide users through the confusing technology.

I am a hard worker & love to learn new technologies introduced into this world. Since 2017, I have been focusing more on blockchain technology. Blockchain is the tech behind cryptocurrency projects; like Bitcoin & Ethereum.

I have also started a YouTube channel, along with a few different websites along the way. All my knowledge in the tech field, has been achieved from the web & still have lots more to learn in time to come. I may not be a master in the fields I dabble in but can understand what I attempt to learn & would love to give back to those also trying.

I came from a labor working family & followed their path in the beginning of my life. Started off working in the electronics industry; building semi-conductor machinery in several manufacturing businesses. Over the years, I have switched paths a few times & ended up working as an Automotive Service Tech, like my father.

After trying multiple career paths in my life, I’ve realized that my passion is in fact, computers. Nothing in this world comes close. The extent of activities to achieve & paths to follow with a computer is limitless. My plan is to make it official & accomplish yet another career change into a new field. As I do this, my plan is to help those who wish the same or at least wish to learn more.

why thecryptoist.com

i am who the hashguide

I know. Confusing, right?

This is how some people feel after they start learning how to use blockchain & cryptocurrency applications, or dapps. There are plenty of guides on using certain dapps & wallets, but they are so broad & more focused on the main point than explaining how to get there.

To reach mass adoption that the blockchain industry aims for, we need to guide the less technical users down the right path of mastering the new web 3.0.

To achieve this, we need those who know the tech, to explain the tech. This includes the less technical areas, along with the more technical. Every person starts somewhere & cannot expect to be a professional in that field instantly.

By following guides provided to you, you should learn it pretty quick, right? Wrong. So many guides on the internet are incomplete or incompetent. What happens if you run into a problem? Who do you ask? Who will take time to reproduce the problem to help solve it?

I will, that’s who.

I can’t count the amount of times someone had asked me what Bitcoin is & how to begin using it. For most people I know personally, this is very difficult to explain without visual demonstration. After years of using the most notable dapps in the crypto space, I feel confident enough to show the rest of the curious ones out there; how to begin. To have one location I can direct users, to learn from the very beginning; to where they desire–will be much simpler than drawing out diagrams each time.

If you would like to know more about crypto & the tech behind it, make sure to Bookmark this blog & Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for detailed guides aimed to help beginners understand how to use the tech & tips to help achieve this without having to visit ten different websites to do so. If you have any issues that cannot be resolved, get in touch! I will do what I can to make sure you understand & not just interested in finding more! I am just one person doing all the work for the blog & videos so it will take some time to get the content in place. Keep checking back & contact me for any special requests.