smart contracts

Detailed guides on developing ethereum smart contracts programmed in solidity code base. Solidity is the standard programming language for the Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM to develop smart contracts. Solidity code is compiled into smart contracts to be deployed to a blockchain which employs the evm.

thumbnail for video & guides for tutorial on deploying erc20 token to ethereum network


In this guide, we will be demonstrating the deployment on an ERC20 token on an Ethereum based network. This guide uses truffle for solidity development automation & tools, plus, openzeppelin smart contract library to import the ERC standard of ERC20. Step-by-step tutorial on configuring truffle with truffle-config.js & writing our ERC20 contract.sol. We skip the 'migrations' tools provided by truffle & deploy only our contract. Stay tuned & check back for more detailed guides to Blockchain Development. ...