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I am hashguide & decided to help guide your average users to the crypto & blockchain world. I began this website in February on 2021 & am a solo person whom loves tech. I create videos & guides when I can & will be documenting everything along the way. I am not some brilliant college grad, but I can learn & interpret my interests. I am just a regular person whom loves tech & would love to share my desires.



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thumbnail for video & guides for tutorial on deploying erc20 token to ethereum network

erc20 token deployment using solidity

Step-by-step guided tutorial on deploying an erc20 token to an ethereum network side-chain; learn how to use truffle & openzeppelin smart contracts library all while deploying your own cryptocurrency. Deploy your own token on an ethereum network & enjoy learning blockchain development. homepage

verify smart contracts using blockscout

Easy to follow guide showing you how to verify your smart contracts on block explorer. It shows you where to find all info needed & to prevent running into errors. These same steps can be used on block explorer to verify smart contracts on ethereum network.

more guides coming soon…

topics coming soon:

classroom: learn about the tech behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin || Ethereum || Litecoin || Ripple || plus more & the differences between the algorithms used & why it works with that consensus mechanism; basically anything that is not a step-by-step guide but teaching a subject. Largely, there is lots to learn but it is all worth learning as it is the new web3.

news: what’s a good crypto website without some of the hottest and latest cryptocurrency news about the latest institutional purchase or summons by SEC, anything exciting enough to be on will be here.

reviews: before you purchase any coin or token that is new or not so popular, you should always do your own due-diligence before investing in bitcoin or cryptos alike. I will be providing my findings while doing my research to help the community find information needed all in one place.